Guided Afterlife Connections – Testimonials



 Dear Dr. DeLuca,

I hope this helps you in the wonderful and important work that you are doing.

My experience of Guided Afterlife Connection has proven to be rich and life-affirming. And that experience is continuing to unfold.

My mom was killed in a hit and run nearly 30 years ago, while she was still a young woman and I was basically still a child.  In the decades since, I had gradually come to terms with the devastation. I’d done a lot of work with my grief in therapy and have been volunteering at hospice for a number of years. But it was the GAC experience with Dr. DeLuca that has finally given me a sense of true peace and connection.

The GAC was like stepping into another reality, which I shared with my mom. She showed me how my life and the lives of my grandparents--even my aunt who had committed suicide--were and are all lived with a purpose.  My family was there in life to remember about love and compassion and forgiveness.  This did not always happen while they were intertwined in life—there was so much suffering--but death is not the end. They are certainly experiencing peace and forgiveness now. It seems to me so wonderful that when you get a glimpse of the bigger picture, there is joy and love beyond anything I imagined.

I feel a true connection to my mom now. I will give you some examples of strange coincidences or synchronicities. The very next day I went to a lecture on hospice work. The lecturer spoke about how in England and Japan people commonly think of the tides as a metaphor for being born and dying, which I did not know. The whole GAC experience with my mother had been spent by the shore, in which she had told me how we had chosen to help each other with the “tides of forgetting and the times of remembering.”

 A few days later I received a copy of an old video in which I am there as a baby being held by my mom. I don’t know how it suddenly showed up after all these years--I had scraped every last piece of the past trying to find something of me as a baby with my mom, all to no avail. And there it was-- a video of us together.  I like to think it was a little gift from her to sustain me in the time I have left to help myself and others remember what is true and beautiful.

D. Clark, Ph.D.



My Guided Afterlife Connection

The Guided Afterlife Connection clarified some important unresolved issues with my father, who I saw and spoke with during the session. I was afraid of my fathers rage as a child. I held memories of half a dozen painful experiences with him that disturbed me; John guided me to dialogue with Dad about those. During the session, I found how deeply my father loved me, and realized that I didn’t understand his expressions of love for me and his concerns for my safety. I was able to reframe those memories by understanding the wounding he carried from his father, Dad’s need for structure, and his fears about his own safety. This was all accomplished by working with him from the “other side.” The information I received during the Guided Afterlife Connection had not previously been accessed with counseling and energy work I’d done in the past. It was a different methodology, and very useful.

What was the big take-home lesson for me? . . . I more clearly understand how fear of my father has affected my sense of safety in general. Dr. DeLuca created a safe and supportive space where I was guided — encouraged — to see the extent of my fears. At the end of the session, the fears metaphorically became a prison from which I was released, and garbage that fell to the depths of the ocean.

The session brought satisfying closure with issues around my father; it has positively affected other relationships since our work together. I’m grateful Dr. DeLuca has brought Guided Afterlife Connection to the Front Range.

Christine Hart, M.D.



My Guided After-Life Connection Session with John DeLuca, PhD

Exactly one year and two days before my appointment with Dr DeLuca, my dear friend Lucie died.   I had grieved deeply at the time, often and with many sobs and tears. The rawness of her loss had somewhat subsided until two nights before my appointment with Dr DeLuca. I attended a year-anniversary party, given by her husband, to share in spreading her ashes. My profound grief was rekindled, and I sobbed uncontrollably as I walked around their property spreading my handful of her ashes.  My seemingly inconsolable tears and profound grief was very present when I walked into DeLuca’s office.

I had only known Lucie for five and a half years, meeting her for the first time in March 2008, soon after I’d moved to Rockmont.  I was taking an aquacise class at our municipal warm springs pool to recuperate from my recent knee surgery.  For several weeks in the classes I noticed a women exercising alone on the other side of the pool.  After a few weeks of respecting her obvious for privacy, I felt so deeply drawn to her that I paddled over to her side of the pool and, apologizing for intruding on desire for privacy,  introduced myself, saying “You are so beautiful.  I felt compelled to come over and meet you.”

She responded very graciously and we began to talk a bit.  I had been partially drawn to her lovely skull, bald from what she shared was her second bout with breast cancer and the ensuing chemotherapy treatments.  I, too, was bald, having recently taken my vows as a Zen Buddhist Monk.  We talked briefly and, both of us feeling a deep commonality, decide to meet for lunch soon afterward.

That was the beginning of my blessed friendship with Lucie.  At a deep level, I knew her time in this plane was short.  And, as a buddhist monk, I had long felt a deep soul imperative to support whoever appeared in my life through their final journey. With Lucie, that deep calling immediately turned into my personal commitment to support her and her husband in comforting her every step of their journey to the very end.  And that is what I did...we did together.  I think I remember it was an unspoken commitment; nevertheless, one which she and I both totally understood together.

Lucie had many, many long-term friends with whom she travelled and partied, friend from her high school days, long-term friends from here in Rockmont before I arrived, as well as friends from the various other places she and her husband had lived.  They had enjoyed wild and crazy trips and partying times together.  My relationship with Lucie was different.  I was not a big party woman, and, I believe, she relished the deep sharing conversations and ultimate silence times we shared.  I certainly did.

She was a valiant cancer patient, trying every possible treatment known, both to allopathic medical science as well as various alternative treatment regimes. She was determined to live as long as she could.  And she never complained. She was always focused on how others were doing, what was going on in our lives.  She continued to go out to lunch and travel with her friends and husband whenever she possibly could.  She was always bright, well groomed and dressed.  She always had a bright smile for everyone.  She was, indeed, a most special person…a true blessing in all our lives.

Her final few months were long and arduous.  Days and days passed as her body gradually succumbed to the ravenous cancer cells.  Her husband and hospice stayed by her side every moment for days and days.  I was there several times a week, more frequently as the end drew closer and was blessed to be with them only four hours before she died that Tuesday night around 10:00pm.

At some point in her last days, searching for something I could do to support her passing, I remembered a Zen chant ritual we had used in the sangha to honor the passing of a member. I pledged inwardly to do that for her at the right time, trusting I’d know when the ‘right time’ would be.  I’d forgotten my pledge until a few hours after I’d left their home that Tuesday night. Suddenly I knew this was the ‘right time’. I gathered my two puppies into my meditation room, lit incense, chimed three bells and chanted the ritual of 109 Kanzeon’s. I learned the next morning when her husband called to say she’d passed exactly at the time I was chanting for her.

For the next several weeks and months, I grieved.  My car would automatically want to turn toward her house when I drove.  The car, too, seemed drawn inexplicably to her presence and home. Gradually, my overt grief subsided, only to manifest tears whenever I was talking about her with someone…until two nights before my session with Dr. DeLuca, spreading her ashes around her home property.

In our session, Dr. DeLuca asked me to recount some of the deepest memories of my friendship with Lucie, and as I did, the tears and grief became more and more overpowering.  When he began the actual techniques for healing, I felt no experience of her presence. My rational skeptic mind took over, and my inevitable questions as to whether this process was valid at all arose in my mind.

Very soon, however, I began to feel her presence, palpably near my left shoulder, neck and head.  She was totally with me…just being present and close.  Somewhat like a reflection in a window that you gradually begin to recognize as your eyes shift their perception from one reality image to another. Gradually, I knew she was present beside me. Almost imperceptibly, I began to understand she was telling me she’d never left me.  She had always been with me.  And that she always would be with me.  She led to me to remember that “death” is just on the other side of a ‘door’…a truth I’d personally experienced in my own near-death experience several years before.

My tears had ceased to flow.  My body became still….gentle…my posture naturally upright and strong. I began to feel completely peaceful…complete.  I experienced the assurance of being in the truth about death, experiencing it as simply a transition to another state. As I sat with Lucie beside/with me, I felt her gently caress my hair, smooth it down in the back, comforting me.   She said we’d been very close together in many life times, shifting relationships, genders, roles.  But always together, loving and supporting each other:  soul mates.  And that we’d continue always to be together, close and supporting each other.

Gradually, she and I both knew this very conscious experience of being together was completing.  I felt her presence gently, slowly moving away from my left side.  She turned back toward me and caught both my hands in hers and paused a moment, gently squeezing my hands in a loving farewell for a time. I let her go.  I was complete.  Totally healed form the longing, painful grief I’d been stuck in. She had taught me the truth, yet once again.  We are never alone.  Death is but another form our soul takes on, its essence still connected to those we love. And its state is blissful, peaceful, complete.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to reach this inner peace about Lucie’s death without Dr. DeLuca’s warm and powerful techniques.  While I am a psychotherapist, Buddhist practitioner, and have experienced and taught many various healing techniques, with myself and with my clients, I can highly recommend that the Guided Afterlife Connection session is uniquely and profoundly effective in healing deep grief.  I will come again if needed, and certainly plan to refer to Dr. DeLuca any clients who’re suffering in profound grief.

Marsha S.
Rockmont, CO