Guided Afterlife Connections

A cutting edge treatment for Grief and Loss Guided Afterlife Connections sessions, people connect directly with their loved ones while sitting quietly with their eyes closed. No medium is involved. John DeLuca, Ph.D., as facilitator, helps the experiencer come gently into a state of openness to the connection using a method called "bilateral stimulation," but the facilitator does not lead the experiencer in any way. The afterlife connections and communication with loved ones living on the next plane of life unfold naturally.

Only one session averaging 2-3 hours is needed

The life-changing connections greatly reduce grief and the impact of traumatic memories. Those who experience a connection receive assurance that their loved ones are alive and well, just not seen on the Earth plane, and that their love and relationships continue. They tell experiencers that they are still present in the lives of those still on the Earth plane. In most cases, they have left behind old concerns, negative feelings, and all disabilities.

In a typical GAC session, loved ones from the next plane of life come to help the experiencers expand their awareness, gain insights, and increase their understanding. Their messages are filled with advice about how the experiencers can change their lives and handle life problems. They come to change lives, and the effects are profound. Experiencers often reorient their life goals after one session. They come into Guided Afterlife Connection sessions feeling grief and hopelessness and leave filled with joy and confidence.

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John W. DeLuca, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist in Colorado and Michigan

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John W. Deluca, Ph.D., has been a fully licensed psychologist for nearly 27 years. He has experience in both traditional and multiple complimentary and spiritual practices. He is a warm and accessible therapist and teacher (called a kalyanamitra or spiritual friend). John's work is grounded by his own personal and heartfelt transformational journey.

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Postscript by John- As a Guided Afterlife Connection facilitator, I feel blessed each time I am involved in the process. For me, it creates a sacred space. It is a sacred space where holy things happen. It is quite phenomenal.