Dr. John W. DeLuca


…is a fully licensed psychologist (for nearly 27 years) with experience in both traditional and multiple complimentary and spiritual practices.  He is a warm and accessible therapist/teacher whose work is grounded by his own personal and heartfelt transformational journey. He has given numerous presentations and workshops at international and national conferences on psychology, neuropsychology, neurofeedback/QEEG brain mapping, body/mind/spirit, and energy medicine.


Current Services

-Psychotherapy - including PTSD, grief and loss, anomalous experiences (NDE, OBE, etc. )

-Neurofeedback (symptom based [anxiety, depression, PTSD, closed head injury, learning issues], optimal
                              functioning, optimal learning, stress reduction, and deep relaxation)

-Dr. DeLuca is also available for interviews, talks and presentations


Contact                John W. DeLuca, PhD
                                PO Box 18553
                                Boulder, CO 80308



Guided Afterlife Connection sessions for grief and loss



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