Learn various approaches to self-healing using guided visualization and participate more fully in your own healing process. These meditations are quite flexible and can be adapted to suit the practice of various spiritual traditions. They can also be modified to address general or specific issues such as healing physical and emotional symptoms. Meditation, visualization and guided imagery can play an important role in healing. When combined with conscious intention and healing energy, these techniques become powerful tools that can be used to clear and heal both physical and emotional suffering. In addition, they are used to engender personal and spiritual development by focusing on the re-collection of positive qualities and energies embodied by enlightened beings and/or divine universal nature. Visualization of this divine energy can lead to healing and self-transformation.

From a Jungian perspective, this process of projection and recollection of healing energy through guided imagery plays a major role in personal growth or individuation. Briefly, the process involves making conscious those projected thoughts, feelings and energies within our shadow or unconscious in order to re-integrate the latter as a step towards wholeness. Used in this manner, self-healing meditations aim at awakening and developing the emotional and spiritual qualities whose seeds already reside within us. These qualities are often ignored, denied, repressed or projected.

In short, this method offers a powerful tool combining conscious intention and healing energy to clear and heal both physical and emotional suffering. Learn about the process of these self-healing meditations as well as the underlying psychological mechanisms responsible for inner transformation.


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