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Retrain Your Brain with


Get the most out of your life now! Reduce stress and worry by learning to change your brainwaves and your thoughts. Improve your life by eliminating negative thinking and past programming. Life is meant to be joyful.

Get the most out of your life now! Over 35 years of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of teaching people to modify or regulate their own brain. Neurofeedback is an evidenced-based, non-invasive procedure that trains you to alter your brain-wave patterns and improve performance associated with a variety of problem areas.

         Symptom-based issues - ADD/ADHD, Aspergerís/Autism, Attachment Issues, Anxiety/Panic/Phobias, Depression/Mood Issues, Learning/Cognitive (e.g., memory), Obsessive Compulsiveness, Pain, Post-Traumatic Stress, Sleep Disorders, Stress/Tension Headaches, Traumatic Brain Injury

         Stress reduction/Deep relaxation Overwhelmed with stress from family, relationships, work, and/or financial conditions? These stressors can have a negative impact on our attention, concentration, memory, decision-making capabilities, not to mention quality of life. Neurofeedback training can help us become more resilient to the effects of stress and potential negative impact on our performance.

         Optimal learning enhancement Troubled by stress and anxiety, difficulty focusing, poor grades despite studying hard?  Facilitate optimal learning using a multi-dimensional approach (for school-aged children 10 years or older to advanced college level). Improve emotional and physiological stability, resilience as well as cognitive and emotional control and efficiency, reduce learned fears, attachments, and inefficient habits, improve physiological flexibility and stability.

          Peak performance/Optimal functioning - especially tailored for Executives, Athletes, and Performers. Decrease mental fogginess and distractibility. Get out of your head and into your body. Decrease stress, negative self-talk, and over-thinking. Train for mental fitness, enhance physical performance (e.g., focus, learning efficiency, memory, mood, and self-awareness) by learning the secrets of self-regulation.

Individual session price $100 * Prepaid package of 10 sessions, $700

Call for an appointment or free consultation now:

John W. DeLuca, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist in Colorado and Michigan
P.O. Box 18553 * Boulder, CO 80308 *

Cash, checks, and money orders are taken but no credit cards or insurance.

Double sessions are also possible which are especially helpful for those coming from a distance.